Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ramona Park   Portage, Michigan     map link to venue

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What a wild and crazy morning.

The results file from the 2014 Kids Get Active Triathlon is posted here.

Special thanks to all our great athletes, families and friends, and our incredible event support crew including members of the Trikats, and Jeter’s Leaders.

Safe Kids Kalamazoo County provides bicycle and other sports specific helmet programs throughout the year. For more information about riding safety, helmets, and sports safety for kids, click here.

The City of Portage has one of the most versatile recreation programs in West Michigan. With a great combination of lakefront parks, urban trailways, and nature preserves, Portage offers great opportunities to get out and do fun stuff.

For a complete rundown of programs, parks, and locations, please visit the city’s Parks and Recreation Department web site page here.

All athletes get
a finisher ribbon

The Kids Get Active Triathlon kicks off a day of health and wellness activities at ramona Park hosted by the City of Portage Parks Board.  More details are found here. (They didn’t quite get the triathlon data right but everything else is)